Don't Leave a Tripping Hazard in Your Yard

Arrange for stump grinding services in Ripon, Waterford & Turlock, CA

If your kids are out playing in the yard, you don't want them to trip over a stump and injure themselves. You can make sure your property is safe to walk by getting stump grinding services after a tree removal project.

That's where Custom Tree Care comes in. We'll handle your tree stump removal so that you can navigate your yard without worrying about tripping hazards. If you live in Ripon, Waterford, Turlock, CA or surrounding areas, it's time to bid stumps goodbye. Take the first step toward a safer yard by calling 209-840-7250.

Avoid the dangers of stumps

Stumps can lead to many more problems than just injuries. You'll want to arrange for tree stump removal to avoid issues such as...

  • Pest infestations
  • Stump rot and plant diseases
  • Continued stump and root growth

Our team will grind your stump down to below grass level so that it doesn't cause problems for you in the future. Reach out to our team today for a free estimate on our stump grinding services.